Rebul is a brand of unrivalled quality and experience of 121 years. With these 121 years of experience, Rebul is Turkey's most prominent and prestigious perfume producer which is widely recognized by global market for its quality products.

Rebul Cosmetics incorporates Rebul, Colors, Angie, Angie Hot, Ranger brands, and it specializes in colognes, perfumes, deodorants, roll-ons, body splashes, spa products, and aftershave products. Rebul Cosmetics has been breaking new grounds with continious innovations and numerous best perfume awards. The company that is exporting its products to more than 30 countries, is also becoming well-known in the global markets, within the last few years. Rebul has accelerated its investments to become a global player in global cosmetics market and has a wide range of perfumes at different price ranges and with diffrent target consumers.

Rebul has been writing the history of perfume in Turkey since 1895. The brand and its products continue to enrich and strengthen this legacy by being suscebtible to quality and environment. Rebul promises consumers the best quality at affordable prices. Developing special products, which add value to its consumers, is Rebul's main principle. While developing its products, Rebul follows the packaging and perfume trends and all improvements in the world cosmetics market. Innovation and creativity are the two qualities that Rebul Cosmetics newer compromises. Rebul is commited to provide maximum consumer satisfaction and produce hygenic and enviroment friendly products.